Wednesday, June 1, 2011

In A Baggie

Tomorrow will be the last day of the school year and lets just say that it will be just fine with me. Paul is ending kindergarten like of the rest of the kids do, celebrating everything and anything. He has been very over the top with the out of line behavior and certainly needs some calm down time soon.

Today they were taking a trip to the park so they were supposed to bring a bag lunch. Paul insisted that his teacher had told him to bring his lunch in a baggie, yeah the clear plastic bags that you put things in the freezer in. We tried to talk him into taking a brown paper bag, but he was having none of that. As Trevor and I were driving downtown to run an errand we saw his class hiking to the park. They were all carrying lunches in brown paper bags except Paul. He was letting everyone know what he was having for lunch.

It is the first Wednesday of the month so the tornado sirens will be going off soon,while the kindergarten kids are at the park where it is really, really loud, that will make my super hyper little guy even crazier.

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