Friday, August 5, 2011

Spit And Sticker Help

The one and only, Miss Hanna was MAD yesterday because the ceiling fan in her room is being relocated and replaced with a close to ceiling mounted light fixture. Now exactly why would we go to all of this work to take a ceiling fan out of a kids room? Well, this kid has figured out how to throw things up there (like t-shirts and sheets) and send them spinning and when they get stuck up there it becomes a fire hazard and Mom has to climb up there to get them down and I have better things to do with my time then that. Why she dois this stupid stuff is simply because we (her family) gave her the clothes and bedding so she HAS to destroy it).

This all would seem just a little crazy in the minds of normal people, but that is just how traumatized kids with attachment disorders behave. They will destroy everything they have just to keep the people who really care about them at bay.

Last night when it was time to be going to bed Hanna was still mad so she decided that spitting all over the walls and floor in her room was going to get back at us for trying to keep her safe. This morning I told her she was going to have to clean the mess she made up. She is in her room sweeping the floor. She can sweep all she wants to but sooner or later a bucket with some nice warm water and cleaning solution will be used by her to really clean up the disgusting spit mess.

Dealing with this nutty behavior is challenging, but even more so is dealing with professionals who think that sticker charts, positive talk, and rewards will get her to change her behavior None of this stuff works at all since she is able to play the game of being good until she gets what she wants and then we are back to destroying and spitting again. Until she REALLY wants to change it isn`t going to happen. You can not sticker or reward anyone into something they do not want.

Spit all you want to kid, it`s your room and you have to live in it, but you will not get any stickers here.

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  1. Augh - spit, boogers on the wall, peed up bedding - sometimes I feel like all we do is deal with disgusting bodily excretions from our RADlings. They know it grosses us out.

    My son had a light fixture in his room that had 3 decorative (read: EXPENSIVE) bulbs in it. He continuously threw things at it until he broke out each bulb. After the 3rd replacement I just took out the broken bulbs and didn't replace them - no lights after dark for him! So, then, it was trying to stick things in the sockets....sigh....I have so gotten over trying to create a nice environment for him. He's miserable and is determined that everyone should know it.