Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wake Up Wednesday!!

Early this morning, about 5:45 am that is, Paul was in our room ready for the A-B-C-D (as he calls it) news to come on so we could get the day started. I told him that it was "wake up Wednesday" as they call it at school and he needed to get ready. The kid was moving full speed ahead, peed before pulling the pants down, poured the cereal on the table, and jumped up and down all the while eating. There are quite a few short circuits in that boys head before meds kick in.

I did get some de-tangler on his very wild who doo (hair doo) as he calls it and I did get a hug and kiss before he headed out the door dragging his backpack along the pavement as he ran.

One last thing, he said "wuv (love) you Mom and you boy hum man (human) is going to have fun! I like his attitude about life.

I am sure his first grade teacher has no idea what is coming into her classroom.

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