Monday, December 19, 2011

Can I Scream Too?

The bus driver and helper gave the kids bags of candy today. Do they have to do THAT EVERY YEAR! Those bags had Star Burst, Carmel's, Laffy-Taffy, and gum in them along with several others. Hanna has braces. This is nothing new here, she has been wearing them for nearly three years now and I am pretty sure that these people are aware of that unless they are totally unaware of what goes on around them. They see this kid twice a day every school day.

Lauren, Allen, and Paul brought their treats to me, but Hanna was trying to tell me that she did not get any. As she is always telling me I am a dumb mom, but come on now I am not that dumb, besides Lauren`s eyes were nearly popping out of her head as she was shaking it to indicate "no".

I had to confiscate the goods and now I get to listen to the screaming, banging, kicking fit that will likely last until she falls asleep. I have already heard at least 500 times that she does not care about her mouth and she does not have to listen to my rules. That`s her stuff and the cops are going to get me for stealing it. Maybe I should go look for those cops just so I can get out of here for awhile.

Sometimes I would just like for these people who are really trying to be nice to this kid to have to put up with the fall out that comes afterward. I get it, giving the kids a treat now and then seems like a great idea until you have one with FASD / RAD then it is an absolute disaster.

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  1. I was just catching up on my reading of blogs and I ran across this post. AMEN sista!! I have a few with that special combination of crazy and (not to be mean about it) I just wish people would get a clue!! I do understand that people want to help and believe they are doing just a little something to make this time of the year fun for the kids. They wouldn't believe us if we told them exactly what the fallout of just one little gesture of kindness on their part towards our little darlings brings to us. It's just so frustrating because I know most of the people that try to "help" have good intentions, but the anger and screaming and raging that it instigates when we have to be the bad guys is just so unfair to all of us. I've made this analogy many, many times to people - if we had a child with diabetes that couldn't have the candy or else they'd lapse into a coma and die, everyone would understand - but the hidden disabilities of FASD and RAD make people believe what they're doing is okay - no matter what we tell them.