Monday, December 12, 2011

The Weekend And Beyond

We do very little celebrating during the holiday season because one of our kids can not handle it at all. We will spend the day with relatives next weekend. She will not go to that event just so we will have no chaos.

We spent Saturday afternoon watching the Army - Navy football game. Paul and Dad cheered for Army and Lauren and I cheered for Navy. Allen cheered for anyone who scored. Hanna will not watch any sports events so she spent the afternoon in her room. Navy won the game so we celebrated the victory with Rene`.

Yesterday Hanna was rambling on and on about how she was going to bother her teacher and she did not care if she got into trouble. After a couple of hours of this nonsense I had had enough so I sent everyone downstairs to watch Christmas cartoons and I baked 18 dozen cookies while I listened to Christmas music. The holiday baking is done except for the decorated cookies Rene` and Karre want to make later this week.

Today everyone is back to school and work. I have to get a lot of paperwork done today and then I need to get work schedules figured out. All nine of our PCAs will be working hours in the next few weeks. That will make things go smoothly for everyone.

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