Monday, October 15, 2012

Clean Bathrooms Or Drama?

I decided that I needed to clean bathrooms today, even though that was no where on the schedule this morning since I needed to deal with the furnace man coming and get the usual Monday morning laundry under control. The bathrooms, of course always need cleaning, but I got it done because I needed to work off some frustration, not because it was bathroom cleaning day.  Now how could a mom like me, who does well with order, routine, schedules, kids who all went to school, more medical appointments in a year then most people go to in a lifetime, paperwork, and doesn`t mind cooking, laundry or dishes get frustrated?

There is only one thing that nuts me up enough to clean bathrooms before Wednesday morning and that would be...Hanna.  She has been ssssoooooo in crazy land lately.  I don`t know what is up, but it needs to stop soon.  She has been harming herself, stealing, lying about everything, and just plain out of sorts pretty much since school started 6 weeks ago.  I don`t think school is the issue here since she has the same teacher, is in the same classroom, has almost all of the same daily routine, rides the same bus, etc, but she isn`t talking so I really don`t know what has gotten her so rattled.

I did get her an appointment to work on medication changes that may be needed, but that is a month from now, unless someone else decides not to keep their appointment before then. I told them that if they had anything else open to please let me know, heck I will even rearrange Lauren`s appointments if necessary. (That is a real hassle so it seldom happens) but I will do it if I have too. 

So until we have less drama around here the bathrooms at our house will be clean, hum, which do I prefer, clean bathrooms or less drama?  I would let the bathrooms be a disaster in exchange for less drama, any day.

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