Tuesday, October 30, 2012

One Messed Up Kid

We have been having a conversation with Hanna over the last several days that is getting no where.  There is a field trip in a couple of days which involves shopping, buying lunch, and bowling.  Hanna does not want to go on this trip at all, in fact she asked if she could stay home with me, which she never wants to do.  I am not going to be home since I have to be at the hospital with Lauren for a procedure which will take several hours.

Hanna has no money since she made all of her allowance  ($180.00) disappear to who knows where. She was supposed to be saving it to replace some of the things she has destroyed around here.  Anyway she has no money so she would have to "just look" when shopping, she would have to bring a bag lunch, and her own bowling ball and shoes.  We told her that she could earn the couple of dollars it would cost to bowl by doing chores here. She has made it very clear that she is not going to pay to participate, she would really like us to give her money to shop, have  lunch, and bowl, but that is not going to happen here.  She gets allowance which would be available for her to use if she would quit destroying everything and trying to mess with us.  She has siblings who are watching so we will not be changing the rules for her.

Given the fact that Hanna does not like bowling (or anything else that she might lose at) or as she will tell you, she HATES bowling she has absolutely no intention in doing anything to earn the money needed to participate. There is no amount of explaining that sometimes you need to do things even if you do not want to do them or that this could be fun  if she wanted it to be.

She is just going to have to go on the trip and do nothing.  It is interesting that the teacher was able to come up with something that is more evil then the stuff Mom and Dad  make her do.  She really thinks she is bothering all the adults in her life, but all she is doing is making herself miserable.  The rest of us will move along just fine no matter if she makes good choices or not.

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