Friday, February 1, 2013

Running 2 Hours Late

We have had kids in school for 23 years, yet we have never had a school week quite like the one we are finishing up today.  Monday and Tuesday school was 2 hours late because of freezing rain and ice.  Wednesday school was on time, however it was a "home room" day so classes did not run on the regular schedule.  Yesterday and again today everything is running 2 hours late because of the extreme cold brought about mostly because of some nasty  wind blowing from the north.

All of this schedule rearranging makes for lots of chaos with 4 kids who like routine and function best when it is there. They do not understand how to relax and for goodness sakes they could never sleep in, ever.  They don`t get time so they are always in a hurry to do everything.  Make any little change and you have messed their entire day up.  We have had plenty of tears, thrown brushes and shoes, spitting, head banging, screaming, stomping, kicking, and the like.  Yesterday Hanna was being extremely oppositional.  She just was not going to do anything that she was supposed to be doing.  She was angry about the behavior of some 7th grade boys which took place last school year.  She was stuck and there was no getting her off that topic.  Finally after listening to that nonsense for over an hour we decided that she was just staying home.  She spent the better part of the day angry at those boys.  Today they all made it out the door and hopefully can keep things together at least until they get home.  We are going to hang out at home this weekend and hopefully things will be back on schedule Monday morning.  We do not need any more 2 hours late around here.  We have had enough drama to last us for a very long time.

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