Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It Is Time To Move On

Since the kids went back to school earlier this month Hanna has been stuck on Martin Luther King`s birthday.  They work on a calendar, what comes first, next, weather, holidays, etc. 

First it was January 15th is his real birthday, but that is Karre`s birthday and they can not have the same day.  We explained that millions of people share the same birthday and that is okay.  After we got her off that she could not figure out how come his birthday is being celebrated on the 21st this year and it is celebrated on different days depending on how the Mondays land on the calendar.  There was no explaining to get that concept through to her so we pretty much gave up and told her that is just the way it is.  After that there was the fact that there was no school here on that day and it was not really because of the holiday, it just happened to be the end of the quarter and that Monday was a teachers work day.  We did not even try to bother and explain that to her.

Hanna was supposed to think of things about the holiday or things she might do to celebrate it so she could write them on her calendar page so she comes up with making a snowman, but we do not have any snow.  Then there was making hot chocolate (which is chocolate milk with ice cubes in it).  There were several others, but the best one was that she was going to make birthday cards for the sick people in the hospital.  Now she has something new to be stuck on, since we are trying to explain get well cards, anniversary cards, baby cards, etc.

I don`t know if she has learned anything about Martin Luther King or how holidays work on the calendar or anything else, but she sure has been busy being stuck on it.  I am glad it is finally over so we, hopefully can move on to something else.

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