Monday, February 20, 2012

Boys, Boys, And More Boys

No school today and I am getting nothing done here. Hanna is in, well the usual big attitude, or better yet, the boy crazy attitude form.. That started yesterday and she is on a roll so why stop?

Today it is boys, boys and more BOYS! She has told me today several times that she can do whatever she wants to because she does not like me and I have dumb rules anyway. She likes boys, all of them, except of course her brothers better then a family and she will listen to them cuz she wants to and she really loves to do it because it will make me crazy.

Yeah, it does make me pretty crazy, but it scares me even more then that because she just is not going to stop until she gets herself into lots of trouble, the kind that Mom and Dad can not get her out of.

Tomorrow is a late start here for teacher training so the morning routine will be a mess once again and then Wednesday Hanna has an appointment early in the morning so I guess we are in for at least a couple more days of this nonsense. I just figure this week will be one of those that will be loud, nasty, and generally unproductive.

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  1. Prepare thyself Cyndi, the boy obsession doesn't seem to ever end with our girls. I forget how old Hanna is, but our girls have always since the age of 7 been obsessed and now that they are 17 going on 18 it rules their world. Whether its the FASD showing through or the early childhood abuse, the combination is dangerous.