Monday, February 27, 2012

The Storm

The past few days have been relatively calm and quiet here. We had a cheating issue when Lauren, Hanna, and I were playing Crazy Eight yesterday. Even with Hanna cheating I won the game, so she was sputtering about that and how it is not fair. Paul was hopping and screaming because he had to pick up the shoe box full of playing cards. (It is a box of mismatched, left over cards that the kids play with). When he did not pick them up they became mine. Other then that we did chores, watched a movie, made pizza, and played. Dad and Paul pouted a bit when the Daytona 500 was rained out, but they will get their racing fix tonight.

This morning things started to fall apart for Hanna though when she thought she was going to leave for school with her pants rolled down to show the world her behind. I told her to put those pants on correctly, but I bet as soon as she left the house she was back in business. When she got home her pants were back to being inappropriate. She then decided to get loud so here we go again. She says she is not doing her homework, not taking a shower, or throwing her dirty clothes in the laundry. She is slamming her bedroom door and screaming nonsense right now. If she does not do what she is supposed to be doing before she goes to bed she will be adding to her detention tomorrow.

All of the weather people are bringing out the big scary storm forecast so maybe it will be her lucky day and they won`t have school tomorrow and she won`t earn any more detention. In that case it will certainly be my very unlucky day. I will either be dealing with a snow storm or a Hanna storm or maybe both. I went and got groceries today so we won`t starve or run out of toilet paper. That is how you prepare for snow in Minnesota. Now to prepare for a Hanna storm you line things up for the other kids to do to keep them out of the way when she starts throwing things and be ready to ignore lots of noise.

Let it storm! We are ready for whatever comes our way.

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