Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dress Shopping

Dad had to go fix something at work, We had Hanna with a PCA from sun up to past her usual bedtime, and we left Rene` and Paul in charge of coloring some Easter eggs while Karre, Trevor, and I took Lauren Prom dress shopping last Saturday.

Dress shopping for Lauren is a bit tricky. She seldom wears a dress because her CP, AFO`s, and wheelchair are not very well suited for dresses. Lauren is our princess and if she had her way she would dress up all the time. I have found that we can generally dress her very nicely in slacks and a nice top or sweater, but for the Prom she will get to wear a dress. She gets to go without the AFO`s, too.  However, the wheelchair goes to Prom. Paul says he is going to give it a car wash. (He remembers helping Karre clean the car before Prom last year). The only requirement for the dress according to Lauren was that she wanted it to be purple. Mom had a few other things on the list. 1. It could not be floor length since she could not stand or walk at all in that and it would get messed up in the wheels of her chair. The best option would be a tea length dress.  2. It needed to have straps or sleeves or something to keep it where it belonged on top. 3. It needed to be in the budget.

There are lots and lots of dresses at the Mall of America. We looked at hundreds of them. There were dresses that weighted 20 pounds with all the rhinestones and beads on them. Most of them were floor length so they were quickly eliminated.  We had found six that we thought would work, lucky for us 3 of them were at one store so we went back there and had her try them on.The first one she tried on was the one Trevor picked out. She tried on the other two there as well, but the first one was going to be the one.

Now just for a little suspense I am not going to post photos until the big day. I will say that Lauren did not get purple and Mom did not exactly get what she had in mind either, but she will look gorgeous anyway.  She is so excited just knowing that she gets to go that I don`t think she really cares what she wears.

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