Sunday, April 15, 2012

Soggy Morning

It is a soggy morning. I just brought in my to soggy to read Sunday paper. It was to wet to read the comics at the breakfast table as I usually do on Sunday mornings.  I will let it dry and get to it later. We needed the rain so I will not complain to much, but looking out the window at the uneven, rather shaggy lawn which is strongly suggesting that I get Dad out their to clear out the garage so the mover can come out of hibernation, which means I have to mow soon.

While Paul ate his eatmeal (oatmeat) he chattered, bounced, clapped, and banged away as he always does before his medication kicks in. Some how the racket is less bothersome when we don`t have to attend to a strict schedule. He was telling me that we have to play inside today because the radio says it might funda (thunder) and he does not like funda because it is to noisy.

I think we are in for a soggy day and maybe there will be a little funda later.
I have enough paperwork to keep me busy in my office for most of the day. Meanwhile Paul will be driving his cars and trucks around and then he will line them up and rearrange there order many,many times. He seems to think the space under the desk makes the perfect garage and I am sure he will want to use his garage to keep his vehicles out of the rain today.

I might just have to order Hanna to build him garages with the Duplo blocks for awhile in order to get him out of my way. She WILL NOT play with him (or anyone else) unless someone in authority tells her she has to, but she isn`t doing anything else except sitting on the couch pouting and complaining about how terrible her life is so I might as well give her something to pout about.

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