Monday, May 21, 2012

Crazy Days Of May

Just taking a few minutes to blog, really to much going on around here.  The kids will be done with school next week already. Am I ready for that? No, but it is going to happen anyway. I somewhat have PCA schedules figured out for the summer months.  I will get to the rest of it soon.

Last week we had an art show for Hanna, Allen, and Lauren to go to. This is a program they do often where kids with special needs get to do some "real" art as Hanna calls it. The only trouble with this art thing is that Hanna REALLY NEEDS to keep every single thing and that just is not going to happen since we don`t have room for it.

The state adaptive bowling tournament was last week also. Lauren and Allen participated. They did well. Hanna`s behavior kept her in school that day. After watching this event I am positive that Hanna will not be participating in the future. She needs a lot more structure then what was available.

Before school is done we have a party for Lauren this weekend. It is going to take some work, but all of her siblings will be here for a few hours. Hopefully I can round all of them up for a photo.

As soon as we are finished celebrating we have to get a moving truck loaded with Jared`s stuff so he can drive it to Georgia. We have gotten lots of moving practice in lately. I would really like to know what furniture is staying here and for how long? It seems our house gets fairly organized and then, wham we get hit with another round of moving.The best part of this round of moving is that he IS taking HIS DOG with him! I think Karre, Mom, and Dad have had that dog more then he has.  We have done our share of dog sitting.

There is going to be a small party for the 3 seniors in the special ed classroom. Karre is making some fancy star cake for that.

Trevor and I are helping a mom do the paperwork for conservator/guardianship some time this week. As Trevor says "after doing it twice it isn`t scary at all".

They have field day at Paul`s school. He is not excited at all about that so I figure he will spend the time entertaining his para instead.

Lauren is going on a trip to Valley Fair with her class. Rene` gets school bus riding and roller-coaster PCA duty that day.

I have 8 PCAs/respite providers working this weekend. Yes, I am very thankful that everyone is giving up all or part of a long holiday weekend to work.  We could not do this without them.

And now back to cleaning and organizing this place.

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