Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Today Is The Day

It`s here the day we do the test run at reducing the pressure on Lauren`s brain. There are 3 things we hope to accomplish with this procedure. First we are hoping to make her feel physically better. She has never complained of being in any pain, however it is very likely that she is experiencing headaches or other pain. Secondly we hope to get her cognitive functions back to where they were before this all began at best. There may be some improvement or none at all. This area is quite uncertain in its out come. Finally in reducing the pressure the seizure disorder may also be resolved.

So here goes another day of signing papers, answering the same questions again, waiting and waiting and waiting. and I am sure to get some reading time in too.

1 comment:

  1. Sincere prayers for Lauren and hope that she regains that which has been lost. It makes me sad to think of all our kids have gone through already and yet there are still more hurdles and monuments to overcome. My heart is with Lauren as they try to help her.