Thursday, May 3, 2012

Just Chillin Today

We are home and moving, but rather slowly at best. We got the loud bunch on the bus and Dad went to work so it is just Lauren hanging out with me today.

We had a lloooonnnnggg day yesterday, as in we did not even leave the hospital until 9:00 pm. After having her procedure Lauren needed to lay flat on her back for at least 6 hours. Now that may not seem like it should be to difficult to accomplish, but when you are telling someone who is feeling miserable that they are going to feel really, really miserable if they do not lay flat, and that all that someone wants to do is go home, go home, go home, it becomes more of a challenge.

We watched a couple of movies, I read to her, Karre read to her, we tried to play UNO, we listened to music, she feel asleep for about half an hour, and then we watched cartoons.

While we were hanging out there with her,I got a call from Dad telling me that we needed to stay put until some severe weather went through because he did not want us to have to stop some place with Lauren. It sounds like he and our PCA, Angie had a great time trying to serve dinner, and get kids showered, while being interrupted to go to the basement. I was okay with missing out on that adventure. Hanna told me this morning that she was mad at Angie because she made her take a shower 2 times. Apparently Hanna had just gotten in the shower when the sirens went off so she had not used soap and had not washed her hair so Angie made her get back in the shower for a second time to finish the job.

Well we are home, Lauren is whiny, we have had tears this morning, and she isn`t feeling all that great, so we will cover her up with her purple blanket, let her watch cartoons, and chill today.

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  1. any prognosis on the procedure? Glad all are safe and home.