Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hanna Days

We have made it through 2 Hanna events in the last few days.

First we celebrated her 15th birthday.  It really was not much of a celebration since things like that send her to crazy land.  We met up with a few relatives and went swimming.  Afterward we had a picnic.  Hanna attempted to throw the few gifts she got away.  She claims the only thing she liked about the day was eating the banana bread Grandma brought.  I am not quite believing this, but if that is what she wants us to think that is okay.

The next morning the phone rang at 5:30 am and it was the surgery center calling to see if we could come in a couple of hours earlier then scheduled.  This turned out to be great since that left us with just enough time to get dressed and head out and it left absolutely no time for Hanna to get angry because she could not eat anything. 

Once there we had basically the same staff that was there last winter, on the day filled with more drama then any of them had been a part of in a very long time.  The couple of new people, who wanted to do things as they usually do were quickly redirected to work with the prevent plan that we wanted to try.  The prevent plan worked and we were able to come home late in the afternoon.  Hanna was on enough meds to keep her pretty much sleeping until the next morning.  I am so glad this went well and we did not have to spend time in the hospital.  Medical personal can learn from their experiences.

So now we have a kid who is one year older and a foot free of it hardware.

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