Monday, August 20, 2012

Ready To Go

About 2 weeks until school starts so I guess I had better figure out what needs to be purchased. 

I went through the drawers and closets and everyone is okay with the clothes they have, except for Hanna who can`t get any of her jeans on.  She has not gotten any taller so now I have to find girls plus size jeans.  It is hard to get those cheap, which is what I need to do since she is gong to destroy them anyway.  I need to get Allen and Paul some socks since their`s have no elastic left in them.  Paul has grown out of his shoes so he will need new ones.  I already got the black pants and shoes Lauren needs for her new job. 

Paul has a list of things he is supposed to have.  Looking at that list and considering his needs I am making lots of changes.  He is going to need extra clothes long before he will use 6 notebooks.  He goes through a lot more wipes and tissues then the average 2nd grader so I will send 2 boxes instead of one.

I have not seen any list for the older kids yet, but I think that replacing the toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, wipes, and folders is usually all I need to do.

There aren`t going to be any shopping trips costing hundreds of dollars taking place here before sending them out the door.

I think everyone is ready to get back into the school routine, I know I am.  I am also hoping that this school year allows me to have more mom time and less medical time.

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