Thursday, November 1, 2012

Taco Treats

Karre invited us over to her place for pizza last night.  That was an okay deal for me, I bought the treats for the taco treaters (trick-or-treaters) as Paul says it and she got the pizza. After we ate Karre took Paul in his Buzz Light Year costume, out to hunt for some candy in her neighborhood, Lauren took care of handing out candy, and the rest of us were going to play games.  Hanna decided that she did not want to play so she went and hid out in the laundry room and folded clothes.  Both Karre and Trevor tried to explain that you do not go to someone else s house and fold their laundry, that is just a little creepy.  After she got everything folded she finally came out and watched part of a movie with Allen.

We finished October with a sleepless night for Lauren (mom and dad took turns keeping her awake) as she had a sleep deprived EEG this morning.  Looking at the schedule of appointments this month I am thinking that it would be nice to just go back to October for a while longer.

Paul is a pretty slow walker so he got just enough candy for us to share.  It will be gone before the weekend is over. 

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  1. Good luck on Laurens EEG. M is going in for a 1-5 video EEG on the 12 at the U of M Amplatz.