Friday, January 4, 2013

One Ends Another Begins

It has been awhile since I have had a chance to blog here.  We have been busy.

We took a much needed break and found some sunshine, relaxation, and drama free days away from here.  While we were gone PCAs held down the fort here just fine.

We came home just in time to celebrate Allen`s birthday.  He is so easy to please and appreciates all the little things that life brings his way.  We had sandwiches and cookies in the van while we drove around looking at  Christmas lights and most of us sang along with the Christmas music on the radio, too.  Jared called while we were on our adventure so most of us spent some time talking with him as well. 

We had  Christmas dinner of roast duck and chicken, vegetables, dinner rolls, and cookies, (menu chosen by Trevor this year).  We draw names and Jared had gotten Paul`s name.  He had asked Paul what he wanted and he had told Jared that he wanted Army underwear.  Jared asked what that meant and I told him I didn`t know.  He got Paul a kid sized Army uniform, complete with his name on the jacket and the rank of captain.  Paul is adorable in it!  He got Kermit D`Frog from his Godfather and the frog is wearing Cars pajamas so Paul thinks he is really cool.  Paul didn`t remember that he had actually gotten to "make" the frog a couple of months earlier.
A couple of days after Christmas Paul turned 8.  He was so excited to be 8 because  "I am crazy like crazy 8".  He lost 2 teeth that week as well.  He wanted Taco John`s for dinner.  (His birthday is the only day of the year I will eat that).

Now we are into the new year and the kids are back in school.  Rene` doesn`t start her final internship for another week.  She was supposed to start Monday, but that got changed and now she is also unexpectedly getting paid for doing this one so she is happy about that. We are getting some projects done here.  I organized and got rid of some of the kids movies.  I need to go through their games and books. too. We are going to take one day for ourselves too.

It is full speed ahead as always around here, another year of appointments, paperwork, etc. has begun.

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