Tuesday, January 15, 2013


It is so nice to have a soon-to-be occupational therapist in the family.  There are things for the littles  to work on all the time.  We work on one or two at a time.  Sometimes there is success and then sometimes it just isn`t going to happen no matter what.

We have been crushing pills every single day, at least twice a day since Paul arrived.  He will most likely need to be taking medications for all of his life in order to function to the best of his ability.  Anyway crushed meds mixed in apple sauce are just part of every day, that is until Rene` got him to swallow his smallest pills uncrushed with the apple sauce. Paul was one very excited little boy when he finally realized that he had done it.  After they worked on that for a couple of days he started doing the same thing with the capsiles, and finally the larger chalky ones were added.  He did it, yesterday we did not have to crush any meds at all!!!  We have been telling him that he is a real Superman because he can do this.  Next we have to work on changing from apple sauce to water, but that will come soon enough.

Now if Rene` can get Allen to stop chewing his meds, which gives me the shivers every time he does it, that would be so awesome.

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