Thursday, March 8, 2012

Still Here

Some one called yesterday, just to check since I have not blogged for a week. I am still here and busy as always. We went to North Dakota last weekend to find some snow. I have photos I will share later, for now a quick run down of things.

I have taken Hanna to therapy 2x. She is doing okay, but things are moving slower then expected, so we are going to have to step things up here and she is not going to like it at all.

I had to take Paul to Urgent Care since his ear hurt. He has an ear infection and is now on antibiotics and back to normal.

There is something wrong with our wheelchair accessible van. We have had it to the shop 3 times already and they can`t figure out what is going on. The check engine light is on again so it has to go back again. Karre took our big van and when she went to go to work this morning it would not start, so we have to figure that out, too.

The graduation drama just drags on and on. The latest is our legal people talked to the district`s legal person, but apparently that person does not know what the district`s policy is so they are now playing phone tag trying to get in contact with someone who is supposed to know what the policy is. Lets just say here that our legal people are getting tired of the run around. I understand since I was trying to get this done on my own for quite awhile and got the same treatment.

I had Allen to the clinic for his annual check up. I am thankful every day that his health is stable and requires little attention.

I had 2 PCA evaluations this week as well. That is always a venture in paper pushing that goes on forever, but it is done once again.

We have had Hanna drama to fill in the empty spaces of our days.

That pretty much sums up everything, nothing exciting just life moving along.

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