Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Day With Sonny Boy

"Mommy, Mommy, it`s time to get up, the wadio (radio) can come on now, I wove, wove, wove, (love) you so much, your Sonny Boy is here Mommy".

That is the morning wake up I get directly in my face every morning and 95% of the time it is before 6:00 am.  He can not say words with the letters l and r correctly and he has to hug and kiss you and climb all over the place, but he is cheerful so that gets the morning off to a good start. 

This morning the big yellow limo pulled up to transport 3 kids off to school  Lauren was moving slow, but got out the door okay.  She is starting her transition program.  She goes to her job for part of the school day and I think she is ready.  It is going to be a long process getting through this, but we will deal with it one thing at a time.  Allen is technically a senior.  Is that for real?  I just am not quite seeing it yet. Hanna is bored with the home rules and ready to get back to the school rules at least for a little while. 

That leaves me home with Mr. Paul, Sonny Boy, my buddy, or whatever else he is calling himself at the time.  He had 3 choices for breakfast this morning:
     eatmeal (oatmeal)
     mini weeps (mini wheats)
     my favorite ,pancakes with soap (syrup), doesn`t that sound tasty?

Until Thursday when they all go to school I am here listening to the nonstop chatter of my Sonny Boy.

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