Sunday, September 16, 2012


According to Paul, Lauren and I are going on pacation (vacation).  In reality we are heading to the hospital long before the sun comes up in the morning, as she is having a programmable Ventriculoperitioneal Shunt (VP Shunt) placed in her brain to regulate the pressure. This will hopefully improve her neurological function, although no one knows how well it will work.  At the very least it will help to remove toxins that are building up in her brain. This is it, there are no other options, so we are praying that it works for her. 

In order to prepare for this pacation we had to take Lauren off her seizure medication, which has resulted in her having many seizures and requiring much supervision and care.

In the meantime Miss Hanna, our chaos creator, has been on one heck of a roll with her behavior!!!  She went to respite, THANK YOU VERY MUCH, where she will put on her sweet, innocent, act. She has totally exasperated me today so I am looking forward to a break from all of that.

I can deal with Lauren in the hospital for however long we need to be there.  She does her best to cooperate, she wants someone to be there for her, and she does understand that we are doing our best to help her.  This RAD garbage on the other hand is just so tiring, trying to work with a kid who does not want to be helped, does not care at all about herself or anyone else, and would never be thankful for anything.

Well I am going to feed the crew, get a couple more loads, of laundry done, make lunches for the boys, and get a few hours sleep before pacation begins.

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