Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Watering The Grass

We made a trip to the orthodontist yesterday, nothing particularly news worthy about that except that they adjusted Hanna`s wires 6 milometers on both sides.  That is a huge change. We are finally getting somewhere in this very long process.

On the way home we were driving down a rather busy 4 lane highway when traffic on both sides of the road had to suddenly pull off to the right in order to make way for 3 police cars, a sheriff car, and 2 fire trucks to go by. After they went by traffic crawled along at a snails pace driving on the shoulder of the road for a couple of miles and then we had to stop.  There was a grass fire (which is not a good thing considering that it was 90 degrees, windy, and very dry).  Anyway the fire department personal were hosing down the area and it looked like things were pretty well controlled.

Hanna pipes up with "hey, why are they watering the grass here"?

Really, you can not connect fire trucks, flashing lights, flames, and smoke and come up with fire equals water it down and put it out.

FASD sure makes a mess of things doesn`t it.

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