Friday, November 9, 2012

Every Day Stuff

After spending three long days in a row at appointments I finally got to spend all of yesterday at home. Just being able to stay home to do laundry, clean, and catch up on paperwork is exactly what I needed.

Monday Hanna went to the orthodontist, which means she had to have the brackets that she had torn off put back on for the millionth time.  They are now doing some work in moving her upper teeth from side to side and still moving the lower ones forward.  The teeth are getting straighter, but the process crawls along at a snails pace both because she had a really messed up mouth to begin with and she keeps messing with things to slow it down. We also got lab work done on her for an appointment she has later this month.  Lets just say that lab work with her is one of those things that you do only because it needs to be done and while getting it done you call in LOTS of reinforcements, turn your ears off because it is going to get LOUD, and hope that they can get it all done on the first try because repeats are even worse.

The next 2 days were Lauren appointments.  She is much easier to deal with, however she occasionally has tears and does not cooperate.  (I can`t blame her after all she goes through). 
We spent some time going over the EEG that she had done the week before and in general things are looking better, but not quite good enough to try and take her off her seizure meds so we will leave things as they are for now.  There was a rather lengthy conversation about adjusting her shunt which will likely happen next month. She also had some work done to address the tightness in her hamstrings.  things are going pretty well with Lauren right now.  It has been a long process and many procedures to get to this point and there will be much more coming up.

Since it looks like it is going to be raining and cool this weekend I am going to go get lots of groceries so I can make meals to restock the freezer.  Being gone so much lately has taken a toll on our supply of ready to warm up meals.

I told Lauren that next week she needs to go to school every day and when she asked what I was gong to do, I told her I am going to stay home and do nothing.  I don`t think she believed me though because she was doing her shake her finger at me thing and she told me to make cookies then. 

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