Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Entire Army

Yesterday there was a program at school to honor veterans with music and a speaker.  Lauren brought home the flyer from that event.  In it was a page listing 24 individuals from the community who have served in the military past and present.  She was looking for Rene` and Jared`s names on the list.  They were not there.  I have no idea how they determine who is on this list, but it does not matter, anyway Lauren could not find them and she was wondering why they were not on there. Hanna comes along to look at the list, too.  She tells Lauren that they are not in the Army cuz they have to be on the list to be in the Army.  I explained that Jared was in the Army and Rene` was in the Navy and that the list of 24 people is not the entire Army.  We could not get it to sink in with Hanna that the Army is a lot bigger then what can be listed on a piece of paper. We gave up trying before Hanna decided to blow up.

Anyway thank you to everyone who has served our country in all branches of the military and to those who are there now God be with you.

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