Monday, November 5, 2012


I sent the non-norwegian and 2 of his sons to one of the local Scandinavian Lutheran churches for some lutefisk. Coming from a family full of Norwegians I had smelled the stuff and even tasted it, but no matter how much butter or cream sauce you put on it lutefisk is totally gross, awful, and certainly not something humans should consume.

My husband likes fish, all kinds of it and Trevor will be adventurous and try just about anything so they figured it can`t be that bad. they both came home and said that I would never have to make lutefisk for them.  That is a really good thing because the process of preparing that stuff is not something I want to learn.  I will stick to making meatballs, lefse, kringla, and yule bread.  Paul told me they had good pumpkum (pumpkin) stuff and he would like more of that.

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