Tuesday, December 7, 2010

No Sleep Allowed

Lauren has a sleep deprived EEG this morning, what fun stuff I get to do, oh yeah. In order to keep her from falling asleep Karre, Dad, and I each took a shift to stay up with her. Hanna had to protest that it was no fair that Lauren got to stay up. If I thought for one minute that she would entertain her sister I would have let her stay up too, since she does not sleep anyway. Hanna does not play games or do anything else with anyone else unless it is fully supervised.

I hope we get some answers today. None of the things they think may be going on are very good, but at least maybe we will have answers, if not we go back for round two of testing. It is like what do we want to deal with an old shunt issue, a mass, scar tissue buildup, or seizures? I don`t like any of the options here. Well, at least everyone will get to sleep tonight.


  1. ugh. hated that with Sissy. We saw only one diffuse spike of unknown significance - results deemed inconclusive

    best of luck trying to keep her awake. There is rumblings amongst Sissy's therapists that we may have to do another one or some other sleep study