Friday, December 17, 2010

Outta Here

We are outta here in about an hour, oh my goodness do we need a break!! Hanna has just been nuts lately. Every single day we here I hate you, this is the dumbest bleep family in earth, I don`t want to live here, I don`t have to listen to anyone, I can do what I want to, and on and on and on. This is exactly why she is NOT going on vacation with us.

We have nine other members of this family who really do enjoy spending time together, we play and work without issues. We can relax and have fun and guess what everyone appreciates the time we do have together. Of course we have three other kids who require a lot of care, but they will say thank you, please, I love you, and they like to have fun.

when you live with the chaos of attachment issues all the time you do need a break every now and again. For all of those people who have been telling us that we are not treating Hanna fairly just come live here for a month or two and just maybe you will change your minds. We give way more of our time and energy to her just because it is needed. She has been given numerous opportunities to get with the program and just can not do so, at least not at this point. We have taken her with us as we have traveled Virginia, Maryland, Florida, North Dakota, and Missouri. She used to do pretty well on trips, but now days that isn`t the situation so to bad for her.

We will have lots of fun, relax, get a tan, and come back ready to take one Hanna for another year.

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  1. Enjoy your break! when MK was 16 and 17, we always left her in respite when we went anywhere. Otherwise, it simply wasn't worth going.