Thursday, December 9, 2010

Secret Surprise

I had a conversation with my teenage girls who happen to have four year old minds last evening. It was rather cute.

Lauren, "Mom I got purple paint on my t-shirt".

Sure enough, she had a small spot of paint on the inside of her t-shirt, no big deal unless she wears it inside out.

Mom "so what did you paint today"?

Lauren "it`s a secret surprise and I am not telling".

Mom "so Hanna did you paint too"?

Hanna "yep"

Mom "let me guess, you painted something green".

Hanna "of course, green is the only best color in the whole world, and I think I can`t tell you what I made, but I might tell you after dinner:.

Now I know that they made a surprise and I am pretty sure that Hanna will spill the beans and tell me what it is. She has a really hard time keeping these things a surprise and I am not sure she really understands what a surprise is in the first place.


  1. But oh how precious...they are so proud and excited!

    I love the hearts of children

  2. I was hoping GB would get better at *surprises* as she got older :)