Friday, January 14, 2011

The Gym Is Gone Forever

At Paul`s school this week they are presenting their winter music program, you know those little darlings are sssoooooooo cute up their singing. I will attend the program this afternoon, the last show because well, you will figure it out very soon.

The door opened and four kids came in and started taking off the boots, mittens, etc, leaving the door open of course. Then Paul started jumping up and down screaming IT`S GONE, IT`S REALLY GONE FOREVER!!! He is throwing boots, coat, mittens, backpack, lunch box, and glasses at the wall, bam, bam, bam. so I pick him up still in his snow pants and take him to the rocking chair to calm him down.

He is flapping his arms, kicking, screaming, and crying all the while telling me that the gym is gone because there are lots and lots of chairs in there, and peoples, and kids everywhere, it is noisy, the piano is there, and Mrs. Music Teacher, and he is sad because he wants the gym back, and he is very, very sad.

Oh my goodness this kid thinks that because the music program is in the gym it is actually gone forever. I do my best to explain that everything will be back to normal after the program is over, but he does not understand time, he does not transfer information from one setting to another and this music program itself is very hard work for hm.

While I am calming Paul down Allen decides that throwing shoes, boots, coats, etc is the thing to do so our wall now has a few more holes in it and a little less paint on it.

Hanna ate three bags of fruit snacks (the orthodontist is going to cringe when she hears this). The dollar bill Paul had gotten from the tooth fairy was on the corner of the counter because I was going to take it down to the safe when I went down to get milk from the locked refrigerator and I did not have a pocket in my sweat pants. Well at any rate it disappeared and Hanna I know you took it and if you did not give it away I will find it because it has glitter on it, so you have been caught AGAIN!

Lauren was being a very smart young lady, she went downstairs and stayed away until all was calm.

This afternoon I am going to the music program and then I am going to find Paul and take him to the gym. We will sit there and watch them stack the chairs, take down the bleachers, and sweep the floor so that Mrs. Gym Teacher will be in the gym next week and Mrs. Music Teacher will be back in the music room where she belongs.


  1. Wow. This world is such a confusing place for kids like Paul. Enjoy the program this afternoon. :-)

  2. AB has trouble with those sorts of things too. He used to be explosive about it but now he just stims, rocks, paces and asks over and over. "but wait mom. i don't understand. what happened. why is this stuff here. this is weird. i don't get it. it doesn't make sense."

    over and over and over