Tuesday, January 18, 2011

In The Dark

Well we finally finished up Paul`s IEP yesterday. It will work, the evaluation which took forever to get done opened a lot of eyes. Now he is old enough that the FASD stuff is really showing up and he is off all seizure medications so he is no longer snowed. The electricity went off about half an hour into the meeting so we got to finish it in the dark. There have been an awful lot of things that have gotten in the way in the process of getting this done.

Then I went home to still no electricty so we took the kids out for pizza.


  1. I am glad you finished it. I found it unbelievable how long a child can be in special ed without a working IEP!

  2. An IEP meeting in the dark. How romantic.

    Glad to hear you made some progress! ~Kari