Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Tornado In January

We have had calm around here for the past week, a drug induced state of calm that is for Hanna. We have been running on a six hour schedule which has worked well in keeping her calm while her body takes the time it needs to heal. I as well as the two PCAs who have been caring for her have enjoyed spending time with her. When given two or three choices she has done well. she has been cooperating with showering, walking, and doing a little bit of homework at a time. We have not had the usual Hanna attitude and at times she has even asked for help which is really out of character for her.

This morning our calm came to an abrupt end. Dad told Paul and Allen who were being boys, throwing the ball and running to go downstairs and do that. Well, for whatever reason, likely none at all, Hanna thought she was going to join them downstairs. All Dad had to say was "No"
and a Hanna tornado came about with full force, as in needing to restrain force, as in two people were holding her wrapped in a blanket so she could not hurt herself force, while I was on the phone with the on call physician.

It was our lucky day in that the physician I was speaking with had been a member of the ethics committee we had been working with for the past three years so I did not have to explain the whole situation to him. He told us to keep her restrained and re medicate her even though it was going to be an hour and a half early. She was screaming so loud that I could hardly hear anything he was telling me. We got her calmed down only to discover that she had torn some of her stitches out so we had to take her to the emergency room. That was four hours of stress I did not need today.

She is home with new stitches, sleeping. We need to make changes in what we are doing because she is capable of fighting the medication. We are in contact with hospital personal every six hours while they try to get in touch with her physicians and try to come up with a new plan. My hope is that it involves staying home, but that said she needs to be safe, Oh, Hanna my girl, you are a challenge!


  1. Oh no. Oh my goodness. You must be exhausted. Can you sneak away for coffee soon?

  2. I have until at least Friday afternoon before I can do anything.