Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Just A Flower

We had a meeting yesterday afternoon with twelve people in attendance and three more that should have been there. ( I did excuse them knowing there was plenty of information already and they will get there chance later). We began going over the evaluation that I had requested last spring which is finally done. In this testing Paul was the sweet little guy I know. All of there formal testing told them EVERYTHING I have been telling them for a long time now.

Paul was having trouble with one part of the testing so he told them that he was not going to do it, "lets just pretend". I thought that was pretty creative coming from him. On another part he was asked to identify pictures and when he came to the picture of the flower he said that it was a flower and then he was asked what kind of flower it was he said "just a flower".

Paul is not able to pay attention to details at this point unless he is obsessing with something (usually cars). He does not care if it is a red rose, a yellow tulip, or blue daisy, a flower is a flower and that`s that. That is okay for him right now, we can worry about the details later if and when he ever gets to that point.

Now comes the tricky part of this I as his mom know all of the details and want them documented to represent the complete picture of who he is, how he functions, and how to best provide a learning environment that will meet as many of his needs as possible. He is a complex child who has numerous diagnosis so there needs to be a fair amount of detail here. I have a team of fourteen other people who are not seeing all of the details that I am so we have to come to some sort of agreement as to how to best do this. I am willing to make some concessions, but I do not want to make the picture so simple as to leave out important information that could really help them to work with him effectively and make his school experience the best that it can be.

Until next week when we meet again to try to finish this laborious task I have some details to think about. If only it were "just a flower" life would be so much easier wouldn`t it,

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