Friday, July 22, 2011

Moving Time

Right now we have two couches, a love seat, a kitchen table, two large book shelves, and a chair sitting in our living room, along with the furnishings that really belong there. Needless to say we can not use our living room at all.

We have college kids and with that comes this endless cycle of moving from home to the dorms, to apartment, and then every nine months or so you just do it all over again. Now we do not have just the usual moving routine we have a kid who will graduate in the spring with three degrees, who will either get a job or go to graduate school and of course this involves some more moving, but now we are likely to have a long distance move. We also have a kid will will be doing two long term internships which means she will need to make three moves in nine months.

Karre is staying put with us for now, but she is serious about getting a town house. She has the money to do it and I guess we will move her when the time comes. I think she needs a break from her siblings and this will give her that.

Just to add to the moving fun our soldier is moving from Missouri to Georgia and shortly to deployment so he has stuff all over the place, too.

Yet all of this stuff is okay with me because they are moving forward and doing things they want to be doing. They have goals which are with in reach and real progress can be seen. They are just normal, young adults.

We just need to get our muscles ready for some work.

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