Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Shut Down

Minnesota is still shut down. I wish we could get the state working again and shut down some of this nasty heat instead. It is just to hot to let kids who are not able to regulate their activity level and liquid in-take be outside. Our favorite swimming hole is shut down because it is in a state park and well they are not open. The local pool is so crowded that there is no room for anyone to swim, besides they do not allow life jackets or any type of floatables in the pool so that makes it off limits for some of our kids.

This morning the PCAs took the kids to the $1.00 movie to give them something to do while Rene` and I got what we needed from the store and she got her computer fixed. When I asked Hanna about the movie she said it was good, but then she always says that. Then I asked her what it was about and really she has no idea. At least it was cool there and we were able to get our shopping done, too.

These are the days of summer when I start looking forward to kids going back to school.

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