Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sunshine And Socks

Hanna has destroyed clothes, toys, books, board games, walls, closets, computers and so much other stuff and now add to that list SOCKS. All of the female people in this family share a large basket of socks since we all have about the same size feet and there is no point in trying to keep the socks separated. Rene` went looking for socks and she found that the seems had been taken out of them so no ones toes were going to be covered. There is nothing safe with this kid around. It is a good thing that it is summertime and we usually go barefoot or wear our sandals.

Paul told me this morning that he is my son and that hot thing in the sky is the sunshine, not the sun.

These two kids are such complete opposites to parent, one is so much fun and brings us a great deal of happiness and the other is stress and chaos all the time.

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