Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cars, Oh My

Paul is still totally obsessed with cars and trucks. He plays happily for hours with the same ones day after day. Using his obsession we have been able to teach him some basic concepts such as in front of, behind, and beside. He also learned his colors with cars. He plays the same things over and over again and then every now and again he figures something new out. The last big thing was realizing that all cars and trucks have a license plate. Now he goes around looking at them, hopefully he will learn to read letters and numbers from them. A couple of weeks ago he was very interested in the doors of the vehicles. In Paul`s world there are drivers doors, and pass out doors. and vans and cars have a backedy-back doors, too.

Now he is always asking who is getting in the drivers door and who is getting in the pass out door. When he hollers "can I get in the pass out door" very loudly we get quite a few funny looks from other shoppers in the parking lot. This kid is just so much fun!

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