Monday, July 25, 2011

Playing The Game

I have been playing a game of Life With Disabilities for a very long time. It is a rather complicated game where much thinking, planning, and strategies are involved. There is lots of legal mumble jumbo to figure out along the way and then of course there are the many, many rules to follow. I thought I was doing pretty well playing this game, but now the rules of the game keep changing. Those rules do not apply to all the players equally and I do not even have them in writing so that I might have a chance to figure them out.

The game is one that I can never win and if my kids could possibly function at all without services I would just give up and throw the game board and all of its pieces at my opponents. I would stop trying to play this very unfair game and find something less stressful to do with my time and money. I guess I better just figure out my next move in the game.

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