Monday, July 9, 2012

One Of Those Days

We have been smoothly sailing through summer, oh we have the usual Hanna garbage going on, but it has been okay, until yesterday.  I just could not take her crap for one more minute.  She had smacked Paul, HARD (there was a lovely hand print on his face). He had told her multiple times, even yelled at her to "get out of my bubble" but she just kept irritating him until he finally lost it and through a book at her, (which, by the way missed) and then she smacked him more then once. Then she just had to tell her Dad that she did not do nothing, (of course not, she never does anything wrong). Lauren and I both saw everything and Paul`s face had the evidence, too so why on earth do you have to lie about the obvious?

Using as few words as possible Dad and I explained that young ladies (who will be 15 in a few days) do not hit people and then lie about the obvious. Things will work out rather poorly for them if they continue to do that.

We all got some sandwiches and juice together and went to the park leaving her home with a PCA. Thank you very much for releaving us!!  It would have been a rather unpleasant Sunday afternoon otherwise. Oh how I wish this nonsense would stop forever, but I know that is not going to happen so we prepare for the worst and hope for better.

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