Friday, July 20, 2012

Van Shopping

Well, the accident drama continues.  We are getting a new vehicle, I don`t know what kind just yet, because figuring that out is not one of the things I do.  My husband is much more interested in shopping for those things and knows a lot more about engines, mileage, etc so we will leave the decision up to him and his little buddy, Paul.  Paul is so excited about looking at the dealerships and going for rides in different vehicles, his brain is in total joy with all this action.

We are still trying to work out the ramp/lift issue.  Insurance is not going to pay even one-tenth of the cost of replacing the lift we had.  Waiver services is not going to pay anything at all (since our van was to new).  That leaves us with taking care of it ourselves.  We are going to have to come up with something that is cheap, really cheap.  The only problem is that while being cheap it has to work.  We have to be able to transport Lauren`s power wheelchair.  For right now the only way we can do it is if we pull our trailer behind our truck or big van and that sure creates some parking hassles.  We have found one solution that would work, but it would require that her wheelchair have a seat that folds forward, and of course that would cost $$$ as well.

We had the bills down to the basics of electric, gas, and mortgage, I guess that will be changing soon.  With all the appointments and running with kids I do I need a van so I will take the bills too.

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