Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Total Mess

Tuesday evening we were sort of wrapping things up, okay we are in Minnesota so another half hour or so of chatting at our adoption support group, when Karre comes to tell me "Dad needs you right now". The first thing that comes to mind is what the heck is Hanna up to now? As we quickly exit the meeting I call to see what is going on.

It turns out, for once, it has nothing to do with Hanna. Trevor was driving the mommy car, as Paul calls it, better known as the grocery getter home from North Dakota when he was in an accident. He is bruised and scraped up, but will be okay, thank goodness! Our handicapped accessible van on the other hand is likely totaled. The front axle is seriously bent, the wheel is off, the glove box is in the back of the van, the windows are all busted, and the lift is no longer where it belongs. It was taken away from the scene in several pieces since it can not be driven.  Those are the damages I can clearly see and understand, and then there are damages to the chassis, something about a steering column, and other stuff that I do not understand.

So now we have insurance to deal with. They are getting things done in a timely fashion, another thank goodness. We also have to figure out who with pay to replace the lift, insurance, county, or us. Normally lifts can not be replaced for seven years and more then a hundred thousand miles. We had not yet met either of those requirements.  We have to find a van and decide if we will put a lift in it or not. We are looking at more portable options, but not sure yet what will work.

We have had no vehicle payments for two and a half years and had planned to keep it that way for several more.  All we are getting out of this mess are bills and considering the could have beens, that is okay.


  1. So glad Trevor was okay, the van and all the hassle.... well it will work its way out, god's blessing is that he is okay.
    Good to see you that night, albeit prior to the emergency! Take care

  2. I am going to try again to leave a comment...a few days ago it didn't work.

    I am so sorry Trevor was in the accident and that your van is totaled, but soooo thankful he is OK! Let me know if I can help in any way. ~Kari