Sunday, July 22, 2012


I took Hanna into see the foot doc. We were supposed to be deciding the marits of an orthotic/brace verses leaving it alone.  It turns out that she has broken the screw that was holding the bone in her heel together off sometime in the last eight weeks. The thing is free floating in there and she HAS to be in pain, but given the choice between telling someone (which means getting it fixed) and suffering she will always choose to suffer. The Doc says that about 15% of the time those screws cause pain and need to be removed, but he has never seen someone break it off like that.  Hanna can accomplish just about anything if she wants too.

This tells me that her mental health issues far out weight the physical ones.
That is rather scary when you stop to think about the affects that has on her well being. She will without giving it a second thought harm herself or others. 

We need to get that screw out of there as soon as possible so she is scheduled for surgery July 30th. I guess there will be no more swimming and running around outside for her for the last month of summer vacation.  Just thinking about it is making me tired already.

As her Dad says the kid has a few screws loose all the time.

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