Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My Wise Acre

You would think Paul was a real wise acre, like his Dad and older brothers Jared and Trevor are. They have a sarcastic remark for almost everything.  In reality he is totally serious when he says these things.

Yesterday we were talking about numbers. He has trouble remembering to go left to right so when putting cards down to make the number twenty-three he will put the three first and then the two. I asked him "how would you write the number nineteen" and he says "get a pencil and paper".

This morning he was going totally nuts, hollering something about there being to many holes in his underwear.  I had gotten rid of all the to small. destroyed stuff and replaced them with new ones so I had no idea what this was about. When I went to check the situation out, I found that he had discovered that boys underwear have a fly in them. Now he wants to know "why boys need holes in their underwear". I guess we will be teaching him how to use the fly when toileting. I have never actually had to teach a boy that before, they just figured it out for themselves.

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