Sunday, June 14, 2009

Banana Bread

The screaming started out rather early this morning in Lauren and Hanna`s room. They were getting dressed for the day when Hanna pulled Lauren`s hair. The reason she was pulling her hair is so impulsive and dumb that the rest of the early risers around here got a good laugh out of it. Lauren had told Hanna that she was going to have Banana Bread for breakfast but Hanna wanted it, so I guess that she though if she pulled her sisters hair it would some how he hers. There are a couple of issues going on here. Hanna has some real problems with food and she will not let anyone or anything get in her way when getting it. (That is why we have to lock things up around here). The other thing that Hanna in her FAS brain did not think about is the fact that there was enough Banana Bread for both of them. Sometimes the day gets off to a terrible start when you have a kid who can not get her brain to work right.

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