Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sumday Afternoon

It is a beautiful summer day here in Minnesota the sun is shining in cloudless blue sky, the humidity is low so there is little chance of a thunderstorm popping and there is a little breeze so spending a few minutes laying in the hammock without being attacked by bugs is possible.

Jerry, Rene`, Karre, Allen, and Paul went to a small community near here that is having there annual summer celebration. They will get some junk food for lunch and take in the parade.

Jared has gone up north to spend the day with his girl friend and her family at the lake.

Trevor is here and capable of finding something to do on his own. I most likely will not see him unless I go looking for him.

Lauren is with a PCA.

Hanna is up in her room and it is really, really quiet so I am sure she is being inappropriate, or destroying something. I don`t care what she is doing right now. I am enjoying the silence for the time being. I will deal with whatever she is up to later.

I think I will find that hammock and my iPod.

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  1. Hope you enjoyed the peace while it lasted!