Saturday, June 20, 2009

Relaxing Evening

Last night we had a pretty relaxing evening even though Hanna is still at it with her attitude. Jared came home so he could watch Allen and make sure that Hanna did not do anything stupid. Jerry, Rene`, Trevor, and Karre went bike riding. Angie, one of our very special PCA`s and I took Lauren and Paul swimming. With her CP (Cerebrall palsy) Lauren is very stiff so getting her into the water allows her to have more freedom in moving. This is the only physical activity that we can get her to do with out complaining that it is to hard. We take her swimming whenever possible. Paul really enjoyed the water. He kept telling us that the water is blue. He also made sure that everyone could hear "my butt is clean" just after he got wet. When ever he touched water he is clean, even if the water is a mud puddle.

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