Friday, June 19, 2009

When They Are No Longer Little Girls

Having Rene` and Karre for daughters first gave me the illusion that teenage girls are not all that bad to have around. They could be reasonable most of the time, they understood how their bodies worked and were able to change accordingly.

Next came Lauren who now is doing pretty well as she can be reasoned with even though it is at a much simpler level. We have found the proper medication, after several trials, so life goes on.

Now there is the matter of Hanna who has absolutely no understanding of how her body works and for that matter does not want to know. She has Precocious Puberty which is quite common in girls who have FAS. We have been dealing with this issue for nearly two years now and we have gotten no where in figuring it out. We have our pediatrician, an OB/GYN, and a public health nurse working on this as at this point things are not moving fast enough for me. We have tried several medications which do not work. The medical people think that is because of the reactions with Hanna`s other medications (which she must have to function within normal limits at all). Everyone agrees that surgery is the solution so now we are dealing with the very long, complicated task of getting insurance to cooperate with the plan.

I am tired of dealing with the unacceptable behavior, the sensory dis regulation, the emotional meltdowns, and the very BIG attitude. I want the happy, fun, lets try everything kid, who likes to work hard, draw, paint, and do puzzles to return in the very near future!!! It is going to be a very loooonnnng summer with this kid.

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