Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Early Start

It is 5:00 am. and we are off to the start of another day, of course it is way to early to get moving but when there are kids in the house with FAS and sleep issues one will NEVER sleep in again.

When our older kids were younger sleep was not such a concern. They have normal brains, and therefore they have normal sleep patterns. If they got up early they could play in their rooms independently or watch cartoons until it was time to get up. That no longer happens with Paul and Hanna in the family.

This morning Paul was up at a Little before five and he had to go potty. I`ll gladly take him because the alternative is much less desirable. After that he surely is not going to go back to sleep so we let him crawl into our bed so that we can keep track of where he is and what he is doing.

"Dad, do you have your blue jeans on"?

"Mom, your earrings on:"?

"I love you , I love you, I love you" (over and over again while he is pulling my eye lashes out)

Next he bounces (all 30 1/2 pounds of total energy) and bounces, and bounces

" I want bites" (breakfast)

"I want yellow bites" (Kix cereal)

"Is your nose clean, do you need a tissue, your nose is clean" etc, etc........

Finally giving up and getting up is better then trying to relax when some little person, who does not understand what relaxing is will not give up.

So we begin another day!!

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